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Songs for Tribe Leaders


Drum & A Chair

Tribe Leader anthem for author Lynne Twist (The Soul Of Money) 
Musical Style: Electro-Americana, Progressive Bluegrass 


Happy Cow

Campaign anthem for Democratic candidate Francis Thicke, Iowa Secretary of Agriculture race in 2010. 
Musical Style:  Folk, Americana, Rock 



Tribe Leader Anthem for legendary Unity Minister and author Dr. Sue Sikking 
Musical Style: Funk, Rock, Jam


Clean Blue Flame

Tribe Leader Anthem for Minnegasco 125th Anniversary Event 
Musical Style: Rock, Gospel, Jam, 


Winds of Destiny

Tribe Leader Anthem for an Equestrian Organization w/ guest vocalist. 
Musical Style: Funk, Rock, Jam


Songs for Individuals and Couples

Golden Hearted Goddess

Anniversary, Wedding
Musical Style: Singer-Songwriter, Americana, Folk


In The Perfect Groove

Personal Anthem, Mantra
Musical Style: Americana, Folk, Jam


Sacred Ground

Wedding vows
Musical Style:Rock, Jam, Gospel


Heart With Wings

Memorial Service 
Musical Style: Singer-Songwriter, Americana, Folk



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