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 photo by Kenneth Wajda

photo by Kenneth Wajda


The Arthur Lee Land Trio


The Arthur Lee Land Trio features Will Trask (Great American Taxi, Analog Son, Jaden Carlson) on drums and Zach Jackson (Mama Magnolia) on bass, the energy of this band is pure joy. The diverse musical Influences of Americana roots rock, country, funk, blues, reggae, jazz and bluegrass are evident in the band’s improvisational journeys and the melodic lines coaxed from Arthur’s signature psychedelic hand-painted 1955 Fender B-Bender Telecaster. The Trio explores electrified arrangements of Arthur Lee Land original songs, all co-written with his non-performing lyricist and wife, Carol Lee, as well as classic rock covers.

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Twang is Dead

Colorado Twang meets the Funk

A new take on good old Grateful Dead Songs, featuring the Arthur Lee Land TRIO and/or “Special Guests.” Twang Is Dead highlights Arthur’s arrangements of classic Dead songs, re-interpreted with the twang of his signature B-Bender Fender Telecaster guitar, over old school Americana Country, Rhythm & Blues, and Funk grooves, while staying true to the improvisational nature of the music and the spirit of adventure that the Dead are known for. Twang is Dead was born at Red Rocks Amphitheater in May of 2017 when Arthur Lee Land was invited to be the musical director, and his Trio to be the house band, hosting an all star cast of Front Range Colorado artists to open for the Grateful Dead’s LONG STRANGE TRIP Movie. The band consists of the TRIO, outlined above, or Arthur playing with only “Special Guests” for unique festival set style collaborations.


The Art of Live-Looping

Educational Outreach Assembly Program

The Art of Live-Looping is a 21st Century art-form consisting of recording, layering, mixing and arranging vocals, instruments and sounds in a live performance using digital looping (sampling) technology that plays back in continuously repeating loops, allowing musicians the freedom to create full songs on the fly in real time.

It's like "digital plate spinning with sound" and is a perfect example of the "ADHD mind" at work!

Arthur Lee Land’s Art of Live-Looping K-12 Assembly Program gives students an intimate, hands-on look into this amazing hi-tech 21st Century art-form. Using his own story as a “hyperactive” child, Arthur shares his unique viewpoint as a professional musician and recording artist, who has re-framed his perception of ADHD by way of the Hunter / Farmer Theory (see below) as a dynamic gift that has allowed him to become a global pioneer and innovator of the Art of Live-Looping. This highly interactive and inspirational program fully engages students, as Arthur facilitates them, in the process of improvised song creation by looping up their own parts. BOTH students AND teachers will leave with a new understanding of this incredible art-form, along with the message that each of us have our own unique gifts and learning styles, highlighting the importance of Harmony together, in the classroom, and in life.


What is the Hunters Brain?

We need to re-frame how we think of ADHD

"Before the "ADHD" label was being used in our school systems, I was a guinea pig for Ritalin as a so called "hyperactive" 5th grader. Looking back, I wish my parents had ablechild.org as a resource. If we had that kind of support back in the day I wouldn't have had to wait 30 years to re-frame this "disorder" as the truly dynamic gift that it is." -Arthur      

This book starts with the premise that ADD / ADHD is a neurological type, not a disorder -- shared by many artists and great minds throughout history. Drummer and the Great Mountain. There is a potential occluded by the misjudgments of medical science, and that's the strength and diversity that comes from the differences between Hunters VS Farmers Personality Traits. These ideas are further expanded in the book Attention Deficit Disorder: A Different Perception - The Hunters in A Farmers World Book, a resource to help solidify the validity of inherent in celebrating neurodiversity.


Watch the official music video above for Arthur's autobiographical song about growing up with the "ADD" label. Click here to watch "Good Enough" 


If you have friends, family or know parents who have, or think they might have "ADD" or "ADHD" kids, please let them know about some of these valuable and incredibly transformative resources to help them understand how their children understand the world:

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Carol Lee


Clairvoyant Lyric Goddess

Over twenty years ago, eleven years into their marriage, a spontaneous songwriting collaboration occurred while wading in a river in Big Sur California.

The fruits of this continue to evolve as Carol Lee’s use of archetypal psychology, naturalism, spirituality, and evocative storylines fueled by her clairvoyant gift establishes her as an integral aspect within the artistic landscape of “Arthur Lee Land.”

Carol Lee is also gifted massage therapist and energy worker who works with multiple Healing Arts modalities: Tarot, Astrology, Human Design, Aromatherapy and Gemstone Therapy.

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