Here’s how the creative process of your Custom Song works!

1) “Courting The MUSE” 

A fun, insightful, intimate 2-part process that inspires your Custom Song.
You, your loved one or Tribe are the integral part of the creative process and our source of inspiration

Part One:

An online questionnaire that provides us with your personal story and other valuable information that gives us a deep insight into who you, your loved one or Tribe are about. 


Part Two:

Our live interview via video conference or phone call. This part of the process give us a chance to get to know you better after we have digested your questionnaire answers. The live interview will solidify the direction we will take lyrically and musically. It will also give us an idea of where we will want to go stylistically for the studio recording production. 

2) Songwriting Magic

Arthur and Carol Lee begin the songwriting magic! Within 14 days you will receive an MP3 of an acoustic guitar/vocal demo (rough draft) of YOUR Custom Song along with a lyric sheet for your approval. You listen and review lyrics via email. Upon your approval we move on to the process of recording a “Radio Quality Single” Studio version of YOUR Custom Song.

Notebook image.jpeg

3) Studio Recording

This process begins by arranging YOUR Custom Song to be recorded in a professional studio and dialing in what instrumentation best suits the vibe of YOUR Custom Song. Once we’re in session at the studio we RECORD the basic track, then we OVERDUB (recording parts on top of the basic track) the instrumental solos, lead and background vocals and any sweetening instruments. The next part of the process is EDITING, where we compile all the best performances together to move to the final phase of the process, MIXING and MASTERING where we get all the volume levels and tones sounding awesome for the “Radio Quality Single” Studio version of YOUR Custom Song!


4) Gift Fulfillment

Carol Lee personally gift wraps the CD and lyric sheet to send. We will also email you the Mp3 and Lyric Sheet.  

Or better yet we can up level this timeless gift with a hand rendered “one-of-a-kind” Sandstone art piece of YOUR lyrics made by a local Lyons CO artist.


5) Peak Experience

Now that you’ve just given THE BEST GIFT EVER, you have the option to make this gift even more EPIC by having Arthur LeeLand perform YOUR Custom Song LIVE, turning your special occasion/event into a PEAK EXPERIENCE through a heart opening and musically mind-blowing performance for your Tribe to experience and NEVER FORGET!

See Live Performance UpLevel Options Here

6) Personal Satisfaction

You will feel like a ROCKSTAR by GIVING THE MOST STELLAR PERSONAL GIFT and CREATING A PEAK EXPERIENCE for your loved ones and Tribe!!! You get ACKNOWLEDGED for being incredibly GENEROUS, UNIQUE and THOUGHTFUL!


Add On Options:

  • Hand rendered “one-of-a-kind” art piece of YOUR lyrics made by a local Lyons CO artist

  • “Making Of” Video (Behind the scenes highlight video of YOUR Custom Song recording experience)

  • Tribe Appreciation Gift (CD / USB Drive)

  • Original framed handwritten draft of the song lyrics.

  • Custom music video with your personal pictures/videos integrated.

We want you to be excited about the possibility of giving such a unique and beautiful gift. In fact, this is MORE THAN a gift, it is an unforgettable experience that you will remember for the rest of your lives.

So, take a moment and listen to ARTHUR LEE LAND’S “Radio Quality Single” Custom Song examples.

Arthur Lee Land takes a VERY limited amount of Custom Song clients per year, so plan ahead and reserve your spot well in advance. 

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