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A Transformational Soundtrack for your Life, Relationship, Tribe and Business

With the power of music, lyrics, and emotion infused together, you can now have your very own radio quality Custom Song to share with your Tribe on CD or MP3…Written by Colorado’s Marquee Magazines Best Singer/Songwriter of the Year!

Listen to examples of Custom Songs

This guy exudes musical talent
— vp of planet bluegrass
Where you been hiding this boy?!!
— Mavis Staples
Fresh!.... Arthur has a unique, creative approach in his music.
— Grammy Award winning producer Bil Vorndik
You’ve raised the bar!
— Wendy Waldman, Grammy Nominated Producer/Songwriter about Carol Lee’s lyrics for “Dragonfly”


The Impact

The most meaningful gift of a lifetime

Giving a Custom Song to someone you love is a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenal gift that literally will move people to tears.  If you have a mission driven business having YOUR Custom Song written expressively for your Tribe will take your branding and marketing into a whole new level!

See why having your own song crafted by Arthur Lee Land could be one of the most moving, inspiring, and memorable experiences of your life that you will treasure forever! Discover the process from concept to final studio production.


“Singles" for Couples / Magic Moment Occasions

Weddings - Engagements - Anniversaries - Birthdays - Valentines Day   

What if you could surprise someone you love with a awesomely magical and timeless gift that is created just for them?

Let’s face it. It is challenging to express and articulate the depth and dimensions of your love for someone. 

The great news is that the award winning songwriting team: Arthur Lee Land & Carol Lee (married for over 3 decades) can do that for you! 

With the combined power of music, lyrics, and emotion steeped together, you can now give

someone their very own “Radio Quality Single” custom love song on CD or MP3…

Written by Colorado’s Marquee Magazine Singer/Songwriter of the Year!

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YOUR Custom Song

  • Creates the perfect gift and experience leading to appreciation and acknowledgment that will last a lifetime.

  • Captures the moment of your commitment with your family/community on your most perfect day creating a legacy you can pass on to future generations. 

  • Imagine in 10 years sharing your song with your kids/grandkids and singing it together at the top of your lungs…epic! 

  • Expresses a peak life experience by creating a magical musical mantra with such meaning that it becomes timeless art.

Tribe Leaders / Peak Experience Events

Branding - Mission - Marketing - Community

What if you could turn your mission and message into a song that your audience can connect to on an emotional level? 

Use YOUR Custom Song for live events, seminars, videos, webinars, and more!

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YOUR Tribe Leader Anthem...

  • Gathers, energizes and celebrates your Tribe in less than five minutes!

  • Speaks to your Tribe in universal archetypal language that embodies your mission and branding creating a powerful vortex of transformation.

  • Provides a way for people to bring home their peak moments of community and transformation from your seminar/event and keep it alive in their daily life.

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