Arthur Lee Land's Live Looping Setup

2013 Looping Rig Gear List:

          MacBook Pro Laptop 2011 OSX 10.6.8 2.3 GHz i7 8 GB RAM
          iPad 4

          M-Audio ProFire 2626

          Ableton Live 8.2
          Mobius Looper (Circular Labs)
          Native Instruments Guitar Rig 4
          Peterson StroboSoft Tuner
          Set List Maker

MIDI Controllers for Ableton Live, Mobius, drum sample triggering and effects:
          Custom Audio Electronics RST24
          KMI SoftStep
          Akai MPK Mini 
          Akai LPD8
          Logidy UMI3

Instrument Preamps/:Electronics
          Pendulum Audio SPS-1 Stereo Acoustic Guitar Preamp & Module
          RMC PolyDrive Preamp & Acoustic Gold MIDI Pickups
          Roland GR33 Guitar Synthesizer
          L.R. Baggs Preamp DI
          Line 6 Wireless Instrument Transmitters and Receivers
          Rocktron Banshee Talk box
          Shure PSM400 Personal Monitoring System
          RJM Mini Effects Gizmo
          Custom Rack Interface, Power Supply and Pedalboard Breakout Box (Designed/Built by Alex Vallejo at Grace Design)

          Olson Jumbo Acoustic Guitar
          Deering (Six-String DADGAD) B6 Banjo
          Martin D-18
          Eastman Mandolin
          Fender Telecaster w/ Glaser B-String Bender
          Lakland Jerry Scheff Bass
          Korg Wave Drum Percussion Sampler