""Aerosmith’s “Dream On” didn’t become a hit until 3 years after it’s initial release in 1973.  There have been countless other “hits” that came a year, two, or three after an album was released … so now might be the best time yet to add this Arthur Lee Land cut to the list of this year’s best "hits." Dude kills!""
Chris Kresge - The Colorado Sound

"Rarely have I listened to a CD by an unknown artist that instantly grabbed hold of my senses and transported me into a special place…..This is one of the best albums I have ever heard."

--Bob Leggett, Los Angeles Examiner 

"...brilliantly done and impressive from a musical standpoint....Carol Lee's lyrics are as clever as her husband's music."

--George Graham: The Graham Weekly Album Review #1728 

"Arthur Lee Land combines acoustic music with electronica and has bridged the gap between folk rock, world-bluegrass and electronica." 

--Scott Iwasaki, The Park Record  

“One of the better-kept secrets of Colorado….Lee Land is one of those guys with so much natural talent his jaw-dropping virtuosity seems effortless.”

--John Farmer, Frontier Airline’s Wild Blue Yonder Magazine

“…an amazing musician! His live show is stunning in its use of
electronics, real-time looping and musicality. I can't say enough good about Arthur Lee Land.”

--Willy Porter, Musician and Recording Artist

“This guy exudes musical magic!”

--Steve Szymanski, V.P. of Planet Bluegrass
(Promoters of Telluride Bluegrass Festival and Rocky Mountain Folks Festival)

"Lee Land is one of those guys with so much natural talent his jaw-dropping virtuosity seems effortless."

--John Farmer, Frontier Airline's Wild Blue Yonder Magazine,

"...the substance and confidence you hear through its 13 cuts is no illusion, but the product of a guy who's hitting his stride not one minute too soon. Dragonfly showcases Land's buoyant concoction."

--David Kirby, Boulder Weekly

"...fresh musical innovation....Lee Land is moving and captures my imagination."

--Paul J. Goetz, The Canyon Current

"...Land's uplifting earth-toned blend of djembe, congas and every unplugged bluegrass instrument this side of the jug...well-penned...satisfying long-player."

--John La Briola, The Denver Westword

"The Latest Fusion: is hard denying that this unique vision has great potential."

--Glenn Burnsilver, Fort Collins Weekly

"Dragonfly bubbles with positive energy and coherently covers an impressive range of styles and moods from beginning to end...Arthur has put together one of the best albums of the year!"

--Wilton Elder, Program Director,