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To Learn About The Art of Live-Looping:

The Art of Live-Looping IS a digital phenomena. It is really a form of live sampling that I like to describe as "digital plate spinning with sound!" It would not be possible without the ones and zeros of digital technology.

The Art of Live-Looping is the art of recording, layering, mixing and arranging sounds in a live performance using a computer operated with my feet that plays them back in continuously repeating loops whereby I create entire songs from scratch in real time. It's wearing that hats of a multi-instrumentalist musician, sound engineer, producer, arranger and entertainer all at once!! 

The Art of Live-Looping offers my audience the opportunity to see a “behind-the-scenes-overview” of how music gets recorded in the studio layer by layer. People actually HEAR music differently with the Art of Live looping because they get to SEE and HEAR each part get looped up. Then as the sounds repeat they have the ability to "zoom in and out" of the sonic picture, zooming in to pick out the parts that they wouldn't hear distinctly if it was a band playing everything at once and then being able to zoom out to hear the whole soundscape.

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