Good Enough

Arthur Lee Land

Good Enough IS Arthur Lee Land's life story. A tale highlighting the struggle of growing up as a "hyperactive-problem child" before there were labels like "ADHD" and the subsequent reframing of this supposed "disorder" to the dynamic gift that makes him who he is today. Whether you relate to the "ADHD" label or not this song hits a deep chord within all of us.
  1. Good Enough

Cracked Open

Arthur Lee Land

Cracked Open—is an eclectic fusion of folk-rock, AfroGrass (bluegrass/worldbeat) and electronica - a groundbreaking style driven by the integration of sophisticated musical, emotional and spiritual juxtapositions.
  1. Cracked Open
Cracked Open - Coming 2013

about arthur

“Fresh!.... Arthur has a unique creative approach in his music.”
Bil Vorndik, Grammy Award winning producer (Alison Krauss, Bela Fleck, Doc Watson)

“This guy exudes musical magic!”

--Steve Szymanski, V.P. of Planet Bluegrass 
(Promoters of Telluride Bluegrass Festival and Rocky Mountain Folks Festival)

“How come my heart feels cracked open...” There’s no wonder why Artist Arthur Lee Land’s 4th album Cracked Open, offers an exciting invitation for the musically adventurous to discover a boundless, transcendent world. Arthur’s groundbreaking style is driven by the integration of sophisticated musical, emotional and spiritual juxtapositions. It’s been said; “Every one of these songs sticks to your soul….”

Musically speaking, Electro-Americana may best describe Arthur Lee Land’s eclectic fusion of folk-rock, worldbeat/bluegrass and electronica, but cannot fully explain the unique dynamics at work when Arthur enters the studio or takes the stage. Arthur’s intuitive collaboration with his non-performing lyricist/wife Carol Lee is an integral part of the artistic landscape of Arthur Lee Land

The veteran singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and unforgettable Loop Artist, currently based in the small town of Lyons, Colorado, tours as an innovative solo act in which he utilizes “live looping” (live recording) technology to create “on the fly,” a full band sound by layering guitars, six string banjo, mandolin, bass, African percussion, drum samples, beat boxing and other electronic sonic textures and effects.

Whether it’s our own world or the world at large falling apart around us, Cracked Open speaks of the suffering and the transformation that is taking place in these times of uncertainty. Ironically for Arthur, shortly after finishing the album, it was losing his voice completely, finding a polyp on his vocal cord (and the miraculous healing without surgery 6 months later), relocating back to Colorado and then being diagnosed with Graves (Hyperthyroid) Disease that forced him to wait almost two years to finally release this album. Those experiences ultimately became a test of faith that “cracked him open deeply” and in the end strengthened him as a person and an artist.

music videos from "cracked open"

"art of live-looping" performance video


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