Arthur Lee Land has been on staff at the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival Song School in Lyons CO since 2003 teaching guitar and "Art of Live-Looping" classes. In 2004 Arthur found an innovative way to incorporate his “Art of Live Looping” into a highly interactive and inspirational K-12 “character education" assembly program called: Musical Life Skills. Between 2004-2010, he estimates that he reached over 50,000 students in 25 states across the nation.


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Enhance Your Solo Performance With "The Art of Live-Looping" - Through dynamic performance, demonstration and audience participation, multi-instrumentalist Arthur Lee Land teaches the fundamentals in The Art of Live- Looping. The elements of musicianship, technology, sound engineer, arranger and entertainer all come together in this 21st century art-form. Learn how Arthur combines traditional instruments and emerging technologies to create an entire one-man band and how you can use live-looping to enhance your live performances. Live-looping is also a great tool for writing songs and practicing your instrument. Students will participate in improvised song creation and build their own loops.

See for info on Arthur's educational programs including his "Musical Life Skills" K-12 Assembly program.


Guitar Basics Novice / Early-Intermediate level - This workshop with Arthur Lee Land covers guitar basics that will help you deliver your songs with more variety and punch. Topics covered: various picking and right hand strumming/muting techniques, anti-spider finger technique to learn new chords faster, making it easier to move between chord changes and basic techniques for using capos for alternate chord forms and inversions. We will also touch on ideas to help embellish your songs by adding tasty guitar fills using basic hammer on/pull off techniques in common guitar keys.

Embellishing Your Song Intermediate/Advanced levels - Bring your songs to this interactive workshop with Arthur Lee Land and learn new ways to embellish your song by adding tasty guitar fills, substitute chord changes, various picking and strumming approaches, alternate chord forms and inversions, varied capoed positions and more.

Take a Lead Break On Your Own Song: Novice and Early Intermediate levels We will use chord changes from participant’s songs and Arthur Lee Land's “Art of Live-Looping” technology to provide a framework for exploring soloing ideas using two simple three-octave pentatonic scale patterns. Also covered in this workshop will be the concepts of improvisational melody-based solos, hearing and singing what you play and bending notes. Singer-Songwriters will leave this 2 hour class PLAYING LEAD GUITAR!!!

Take a Lead Break On Your Own Song - Intermediate/Advanced levels - We will use chord changes from participant’s songs and Arthur Lee Land’s “Art of Live-Looping” technology to provide a framework for exploring intermediate and advanced soloing ideas. Building on pentatonic pattern ideas, we will be covering techniques to help you develop clarity in your phrasing such as Major and Minor Pentatonic Scale Substitution, Motif Playing, Question & Answer, Melodic & Rhythmic Repetition, Target Notes and Color Tones.